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Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

"Showing steady improvement after 7 months after Lung Stem Cell therapy"


My lung condition had become really bad and my specialists were recommending a lung transplant. I was not looking for a cure i just wanted something that can stop the progression. I found the regeneration center of Thailand through a patient referral and they offered me a 3 week treatment program which i believe saved my life. After a ton of research online, I decided to travel to Bangkok to try in to get some improvement and stabilization before i became terminal. I'm now 7 months post-cell transplant procedure and my tests results are getting better each month. My FVC result has gone from 35 to 47%. I still need to use my BIPAP device a few time a week at night, but no longer need it in the day. My hands and feet movement has also improved along with a very noticeable drop in fatigue. The regen centers treatment and pulmonary rehab program has given me new outlook on life.

Acupuncture for Headache

"Modified Treatment helped alot"


I used to take 80mg modified release propranolol every morning and it gave me a few extra days in between my migraines. Not a miracle drug, but for a lot of people it helps a ton. I then took a friends advice and went for acupuncture. I signed up for 20 sessions going about five times a week. The results were really great and did not require pharma products. I wish i would have done it earlier. I was really lucky to have a doctor who helped me identify the actual cause. Another thing to keep in mind is that Foods containing copper, such as chocolate, or those increasing absorption of copper, such as orange, causes an increased susceptibility to migraine headaches. I read about how food affected my headaches here

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